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Supply Chain, Inflation Woes Stabilizing

May 22, 2022

As we’ve reported previously (and which you’ve undoubtedly experienced in your own operations), supply chain and inflation issues have plagued our sector over the past year or so, impacting lead times and creating inventory challenges.

While we are not any closer to a correction in the market, we are noticing a stabilization in the market, both in terms of product lead times and inflationary impacts on pricing. We’re hopeful that this stabilization will soon turn into positive adjustments within the supply chain and, ultimately, normalized operations of our members and customers.

As we’ve done throughout our history as your valued partner, we’ll continue to provide the knowledge, support, and products you depend on for efficiently and successfully managing your utility operations. Here are a few things that we’re currently focused on (and for you and your organization to keep in mind) as we continue to successfully navigate through the current logistical challenges:

  • Record inventory on hand. In the January edition of this newsletter, we reported record inventory across all of our warehouses. And that amount continues to rise. As of April, we now are housing $35 million of inventory in our warehouses. This enables us to meet your requests for equipment, supplies, and materials, whether for routine maintenance, emergency repair services, or planned construction or projects. Adequate inventory is always a major focus of RESCO, and we will continue to expand our inventory to meet our members’ and customers’ needs
  • Opening of our new Iowa office/warehouse. We completed our move from our previous location in Ankeny to our new and larger office and warehouse facility in Elkhart the last week in April. Our new building—which encompasses 30,000 square-feet—enables us to store two-and-a-half times the inventory that the Ankeny location did, allowing us to better service the needs of not only our Iowa members and customers, but those from surrounding states as well. The added space allows for even greater inventory.

As an extension of your organization, your success is our success. We thank you for your continued support of RESCOrder placement for 2023. Given the extended lead times our manufacturer partners continue to face, placing orders early for 2023 is essential in helping us ensure that product is available when you need it. If you haven’t already done so, please work with your account representative to identity needs for the upcoming year.